Buffalo Ex-Pat of the Month: RJ Zurak

We are starting a new Blog Series Featuring Buffalo Ex-Pats. What's a Buffalo Ex-Pat? They're the people who grew up in the Queen City and moved away for work, school, to get out of the winter etc. What you'll find is even when you move away from Buffalo, you're still a Buffalonian!

Featured Buffalo Ex-Pat

Our first featured Buffalo Ex-Pat is RJ Zurak. RJ grew up in Buffalo, moved away for college and has lived in several places since. Despite not living in Buffalo since High School, he's still a tried and true member of #BillsMafia.


Read more about RJ's Ex-Pat story below, and if you'd like to nominate a friend or family member to be our next featured Buffalo Ex-Pat, email us at Buffalo2Uco@gmail.com.

Buffalo2U: What part of Buffalo did you grow up in, and where are you rooting for the Bills now?

RJ: I grew up in East Amherst, and after a few stops I now live in Atlanta with my fiancé.

B2U: What brought you away from Buffalo?

RJ: Job opportunity

B2U: What do you miss most about Buffalo?

RJ: The food and the people, no question about it.

B2U: If you could have one Buffalo restaurant open in Atlanta, what would it be?

RJ: I am, and always will be, a Bocce Pizza guy

RJ: What is your favorite season to visit Buffalo

B2U: Fall for sure, Go Bills!

RJ: What is your favorite Bills/Sabres memory?

B2U: So many choose from, but I'll go with the most recent; the Taron Johnson pick-6.

B2U: Favorite concert venue in Buffalo?

RJ: Town Ballroom!

B2U: Love, Marry Kill: Chicken wings, Beef on Weck, Sponge Candy

RJ: Love: Beef on Weck

Marry: Chicken Wings

Kill: Sponge Candy

Thanks to RJ for being our first featured Buffalo Ex-Pat. If you'd like to nominate a someone to be our next Ex-Pat of the month, please email us at Buffalo2Uco@gmail.com.