Featured Vendor: Michelle Godfrey Photo

At Buffalo2U we believe a business is most effective when it is aligned with strong partners and vendors. As part of a regular series on our blog, we will be highlighting the partners that help us ship Buffalo2U boxes across the country.

Our first showcased vendor is Michelle Godfrey, who owns Michelle Godfrey Photo. Michelle takes all of the beautiful product photos on our website, and has helped us highlight all of the great items to add to your Buffalo box. 

Buffalo2U: Where did you grow up in Buffalo?

Michelle Godfrey: I grew up in North Tonawanda; but I went to Canisius College downtown, then lived off of Hertel, then on Allen, then back to North Tonawand. Full circle!

B2U: Best pizza and/or wings in Buffalo?

MG:  Bob & Johns La Hacienda's pizza is the bomb! Wings I will have to say Gabriel's Gate- amazing!

B2U: Favorite Bills and/or Sabres memory?

MG: My 2 younger brothers and I grew up playing ice hockey from when we were little all the way to high school and our dad coached us all! I don't know how my parents did all that rink time! My favorite memory was going to Sabre games and skating in between periods, it was so much fun! Obviously all I can remember is Sabretooth being out there with us!

B2U: Favorite place/activities to share with people who visit Buffalo?

MG: My husband and I will find any excuse to go get wings so when we have out of town guests that usually takes top priority lol. We also love to kayak near Riverworks and that usually ends up at Ballyhoo for some mac-n-cheese and sausages. If it is during Bills season, going and experiencing a tailgate is a must as well!

B2U: What types of services/products do you offer at your business?

MG: I offer engagement, wedding and family photography!

B2U: How did you get into photography and start your business?

MG:  I've always loved photography, but was so focused on a full time graphic design job that I decided to buy a new camera to have a creative outlet. Friends started asking me to take their pictures and I fell head over heels with capturing people's love! It has allowed me to connect with so many awesome new friends along the way!

B2U: What do you enjoy most about owning your business?

MG: I definitely enjoy making my own hours and doing what I love- all while being the most creative as possible!

B2U: What is the best piece of advice someone has given you about running a business?

MG: The best advice I have been given is to find a work life balance. I have such a hard time turning it off so setting limits for myself has helped not getting burnt out creatively.

B2U: Where can people find you online/on social media?
MG: Website: michellegodfreyphoto.com
Instagram: @michellegodfreyphoto

B2U: Final question...how many times have you been to Niagara Falls?

MG: So funny, but I have been like 5-6 times this year for photos. Before this year I can't remember the last time I was there.