Featured Vendor Spotlight: Predmore Creations

At Buffalo2U we believe a business is most effective when it is aligned with strong partners and vendors. As part of a regular series on our blog, we will be highlighting the partners that help us ship Buffalo2U boxes across the country.

Our next showcased vendor is Dan Predmore at Predmore Creations. Predmore Creations designs and creates beautiful Buffalo-themed artwork, homegood items, books and more. You can find all of their great products at www.predmore.com. You can also add Predmore rocks glasses, pint glasses, shot glasses, coasters and ornaments to your Buffalo2U box.

Buffalo2U: What part of Buffalo did you grow up in?

Predmore Creations: I grew up in Amherst

B2U: What is the best Beef on Weck in Buffalo?

PC: The Bar Bill - East Aurora, I know a lot of cool people in East Aurora so sometimes the company and good times makes it taste so good.

B2U: What's your Favorite Buffalo Bills/Sabres memory?

PC: - Sabres - Seeing them play from box seats/ Bills - When fans went crazy and tore down the goal post. There was some serious excitement going on. Our fans are so passionate about their team, especially when they do well.

B2U: What's your favorite season in Buffalo?

PC: Summer, Riding our golf cart is most enjoyable in warm weather. 

B2U: What's your favorite places/activities to share with people visiting Buffalo?

PC: The Buffalo Waterfront, Outer Harbor Concerts, Lunch or Dinner at one of Buffalo's iconic Restaurants. Niagara Falls of course, Canalside, Larkinville, Art Festivals and many more. Aside from my own opinion I would direct them to https://www.visitbuffaloniagara.com that lists the most popular local attractions.

B2U: What types of products does Predmore Creations offer?

PC: Predmore Creations specializes in Buffalo NY Themed Glassware, Coloring Books, Coasters, Calendars & ornaments. We also create large original paintings for collectors. The works range in size and some extend over 10ft tall.

B2U: How long has Predmore Creations been in business?

PC: since 1996, It's taken persistence, sacrifice and years of effort to develop the business, yet a worthy goal is always worth pursuing. Our favorite part is inspiring creativity. Customers and friends send pictures of their children coloring our books all over the world and that's what makes it all worth while.

B2U: What do you enjoy most about owning your business?

PC: Control of my time & creating products based on my talent.  I work many hours to keep up with orders yet if a friend unexpectedly comes in from out of town and wants to meet up or I'd like to hit the snooze button, I make sure I still take care of my obligations and can move them around on my schedule.

B2U: What is the best piece of advice someone has given you about 

running a business?

PC: Do what you love and the money will follow.  Sandy Predmore, my Mom. 

B2U: Where can people find you online/ on social media?


B2U:  Final question...bleu cheese or ranch?

PC: Blue cheese, ranch maybe on a salad yet personally, I still use blue cheese on salads. I currently don't have any ranch dressing in the fridge.

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