How to Easily Build a Corporate Box with Buffalo2U

Buffalo custom gift box for Geico

At Buffalo2U we are focused on working with local shops, artists and restaurants. Our goal is to have a wide variety of unique items, while also carrying the Buffalo staples such as Duff’s and Anchor Bar wing sauces, Weber’s, Buffalo socks, OnCore golf balls and more!

By offering over 100 unique Buffalo items, we’re able to build corporate gift boxes for any industry and ensure that your customers or employees will be wowed with the final product. Because we are able to create all of our corporate boxes in-house, your team can be as involved as they choose. If you’d like to select each item in the box and include a personal note, we can do that. If you’d like us to provide popular corporate box items to choose from, we can do that as well.

Whether you’re buying a Buffalo gift box for your staff, clients or new recruits, we’re here to make sure the process is as simple as possible.

Step 1: Contact us

Some people say “The first step is the hardest”, but it can’t be harder than Josh Allen jumping over defenders can it? We promise, we’re easy to talk to and will respond within 24 hours.

While you’re waiting for us to get back to you, feel free to view all of our available local items and start thinking about what you’d like to include in your company’s gift box.

Step 2: The Proposal

We’re not trying to put a ring on it just yet, we’re simply going to take the information you provided in your email or form and show you all of the great options available to your company. Customization options available include:

  • Brand labels on the outside of the box
  • Custom items with your logo
  • Company swag included in the gift box
  • Personal notes to your clients/employees

Step 3: You’re done!

After we agree to a proposal, it’s time for our staff to get to work on building gift boxes that will wow your recipients. Your clients, recruits and employees will love the personal Buffalo touches and will be impressed with the thoughtfulness of the gift.

In this step, our team will acquire all of the inventory, build and fill each box and ship your gifts across the country or deliver directly to a local office.

If this sounds like an interesting idea for your company, we’d love to talk. You can email us anytime at, visit our website or call (716) 427-3883.

We look forward to helping you share the Buffalove!