Our First 6 Months in Business and Our Goals for 2021

Starting a business is always a scary proposition. Starting a business during a global-pandemic can ratchet up those nerves even more. We wanted to take a second and look back on Buffalo2U’s first 6 months in business and share our goals for 2021.

The Comradery Between Buffalo Small Businesses

When John and I started Buffalo2U, we believed there was a market to provide unique Buffalo items to local shoppers and ex-pats across the country. This is why we felt it was so important to offer free shipping on all items. Growing up in Buffalo, we understand how special the Queen City is, and what the last 6 months have taught us is there is a great network of local shoppers and vendors who want to see small businesses succeed.

We’ve had our growing pains with keeping inventory in stock, shipping across the country, taking product photos and more. But along the way, we’ve received fantastic advice from people who have gone through these issues, or are currently going through them, and we think we’re a better company now for it.

John and I also had vendors bend over backwards to help us keep inventory on our website during the holiday season, these small businesses helped us by completing rush orders and meeting us for same-day pick-ups. These are the types of people you meet in Buffalo.

Sending Love to Buffalonians Across the Country

Then there’s the customers. Our customers have left us beautiful reviews that we really take to heart. We also love reading all of the notes you include in the gift boxes. Some are funny, others are truly touching.

Because of the support of the local community, Buffalo2U is proud to have shipped Buffalo2U boxes to 37 of the 48 continental states! Take a look at our map below to see which states we’ve shipped to and which ones we still have on our list!

US Map - Places Buffalo2U has shipped to



Where we're going in 2021

Looking forward to 2021, we have a few simple goals that we want to share:

1. Continue to expand our unique and original Buffalo products

2. Spread the love and joy of Buffalo throughout our social media accounts

3. Grow and improve our curated boxes to offer an easier way to share love from Buffalo

4. Figure out a way to offer cans of Loganberry (we hear you asking!)

5. Grow our partnerships with other small businesses and non-profit organizations (more on that to come in the near future!)

We hope you come along for the ride with us, and as always, Go Bills!