Supporting the Local Community: Parent Network of WNY

Owning a small business can be rewarding for many reasons, one being the opportunity to give back to the community. This April, Buffalo2U will be donating $2 from each box sale to Parent Network of WNY.

Parent Network of WNY is a great local organization that supports individuals with special needs, their families and the professionals who assist with their daily lives. You can learn more about Parent Network by clicking here.

Why did we choose Parent Network of WNY as our first organization to donate to? One of our founders, Alex, has a sister with significant special needs. Jessica is unable to walk or talk, but communicates through music, hugs and giant smiles. Organizations like Parent Network of WNY play a large role in the health and happiness of individuals like Jessica and their families.

We spoke with Sue Barlow, the director of Parent Network of WNY, and Felicia Grassia, Marketing and Communications Coordinator, to learn more about the organization.

Buffalo2U: What type of services does Parent Network of WNY offer?

Parent Network of WNY: Parent Network of WNY supports families and professionals to empower individuals with disabilities through 1-on-1 support, workshops, referral services and informational resources.

B2U: Who in the community does Parent Network of WNY work with?

PNWNY: We serve families throughout all eight counties in WNY! We partner with school districts, community organizations and other non-profits in order to reach all families and professionals that could benefit from our services.

B2U: How long has Parent Network been serving the Western New York community?

PNWNY: Since 1986

B2U: What makes Parent Network of WNY unique in the Buffalo community?

PNWNY: Parent Network programs and services are unique because most of the staff who work with families with disabilities...have children with disabilities. We certainly can put ourselves in the shoes of the people we serve.

B2U: What is the organizations goals in 2021 and beyond?

PNWNY: To reach all families who have a child or adult child with a disability, so they know they have a place to go with questions or to be better educated about their children's services/needs

B2U: How can someone learn more information about the organization, or contact the organization directly?

PNWNY: For more information on Parent Network, visit or follow us on social media. Or you can call our intake number at (716)332-4170.

You can follow Parent Network on social media at:

Facebook - Parent network of WNY

Instagram @ParentNetworkWNY

Twitter @PNWNY

Click here to purchase a Buffalo2U box and help support Parent Network of WNY.