Pre-Made Boxes Now Available

At Buffalo2U, like any small business, there are decisions made every day. Some changes our customers may notice, like when we added the option to add a note to your gift box or when we add a new product to our inventory, and some may go unnoticed; did you catch that we changed the headings in the top menu last week? (it's OK, our parents didn't notice either.)

These decisions and changes are often made by talking with customers and reviewing sales data. This brings us to today's blog post and announcement, and it's a change you'll probably notice.

Introducing the Buffalo Home Box and Buffalo Baby Box

While many of the people we spoke to loved customizing their Buffalo2U box, others asked for pre-made boxes that would allow for quick purchasing, while still sending love from Buffalo2U.

We have taken this advice to heart and are proud to introduce the Buffalo Baby Box and Buffalo Home Box. We'll still build out limited edition boxes like the Buffalo Football Box (now sold out and retired) and the Hocus Pocus Box (available until Halloween) but will now also offer pre-made boxes that will remain a constant on the website and are perfect for special occasions. And of course, you'll always be able to customize your own Buffalo2U box by choosing from our over 60 uniquely Buffalo items.

What's in the Box?

The Buffalo Baby Box

Buffalo gift box for new baby

Price: $45.99 (Free Shipping)


1 Buffalo flag baby onesie (Rusterior)

1 Buffalo swaddle security blanket - 20"x20" (Buffalo Seamery)

1 Goodnight Buffalo baby book (Jennifer Beam)

The Buffalo baby box was built for several occasions. Whether you're shopping for your baby, grand baby, or your friends baby, this 3-item box will make sure they feel the love and comfort that only the city of good neighbors can provide. This is the perfect gift for baby announcements, baby showers or births.

Purchase the Buffalo Baby Box


The Buffalo Home Box:

 Buffalo gift box for buying a new home

$49.99 (Free Shipping)

1 Buffalo flag mug (Rusterior)

1 Home Sweet Home Buffalo kitchen towel (KitchStudios)

1 Buffalo food coaster (Predmore Creations)

1 Buffalo throw pillow cast (BuffaLove Jewelry) (pillow not included)

1 wooden Buffalo magnet  (BfloRefind)

The Buffalo Home Box has everything you need to turn your house into a home, and let visitors know that  a Buffalonian lives here. We couldn't think of a better gift to send to an ex-pat who just purchased a new house.

Purchas the Buffalo Home Box


Stay Up to Date with Buffalo2U

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