Vendor Spotlight: Perfect Day Print Co.

At Buffalo2U we love working with local businesses and artists. One of the artists we've worked with since the beginning is Erin at Perfect Day Print Co. (Formerly Kitch Studios). We're happy to include many of her items in our Buffalo gift boxes and today Perfect Day Print Co. is our Featured Vendor.

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Buffalo2U: What part of Buffalo did you grow up in? 

Perfect Day Print Co.: Amherst

B2U: What is your favorite Buffalo Bills/Sabres memory?

PDPC: OMG...Bebe. When he knocked the ball out of that guy's hand in the end zone during that atrocious Super Bowl game against Dallas. I was in a South Buffalo bar with my friends and we were all completely deflated, and then here comes Don Bebe. We all just totally lost it - I'll never forget that -that "never give up" spirit - AMAZING

B2U: What is your favorite thing to grill at a tailgate?

PDPC: We don't really tailgate too much, but my favorite is always Chivetta's chicken on the grill.

B2U: When your friends/family move away from Buffalo, what's the one thing they tell you they miss about the city? 

PDPC: A lot of my family has moved to NC, and some have moved back. Interestingly enough, they missed the summer weather here, as crazy as that sounds!

B2U: How would you describe Perfect Day Print Co. 

PDPC: We made the name change from Kitch Studios to Perfect Day Print Co. at the start of the year. We are a husband and wife team who started screen printing when we were both in touring bands. It was easier for us to print our own merch than to pay someone else. From there, we started printing other bands' tees, and it just kind of snowballed into a full time gig for us. When I had my daughter in 2007, I knew that I was done touring with the band and found (and fell in love with) Etsy. I started my shop in 2010 with kitchen towels, and it has blossomed into a print shop where we sell home goods like towels, pennants, signs, blankets etc. as well as a wide variety of customizable gifts.

B2U: How do you come up with the designs/phrases for your designs?

PDPC: Honestly, I have no idea! Paying attention to trends for sure, but mostly thinking of things that I would like. In fact the longer I have run my shop, the more I have realzed the value in being excited over your own products - if you're stoked about them, others will be too - it's infectious :)

B2U: What do you enjoy most about owning your business?

PDPC: The freedom for sure - but the ability to be creative for a living is truly special. We've always been very DIY in my home, and my business is just an extension of that spirit.

B2U: What is the best piece of advice someone has given you about running a businses?

PDPC: Get an accountant...LOL:)

B2U: Where can people find your products online? 

PDPC: Shopping We're also on Faire and Hello Abound for wholesale purchasing

B2U: Final question, when singing the "Bills Shout Song", do you sing the 1st "Hey Hey Hey Hey" or the 2nd?

PDPC: OK, so the first. My daughter and I have been known to run out the back door of my house and shout it really loud and wait for our neighbors to shout it back...and they always do :) I friggin love Buffalo