About Us

Buffalo2U helps you share the best of Buffalo with friends and family no matter where they are. When you build a Buffalo2U gift box, you are selecting items from local artisans, shops and restaurants. 

Buffalo2U was founded by friends John Heberling and Alex Rubin. We were both born and raised in the Queen City, and even moved away for a little bit. John to California and Alex to Missouri, before moving back to raise our families close to the Bills, Sabres and Blue Lights. We know that there are Buffalonians across the country who miss our fair city and all of the local shops and restaurants, and our goal is to provide love from Buffalo in each Buffalo2U box. 

The Buffalo2U box is a great way to send a little bit of Buffalo anywhere, and best of all you're supporting our local community. While we are a small business ourselves, many of our products are purchased directly from local artisans who are building their own brand.

Thank you again for visiting our site, and allowing us to bring love from Buffalo2U.

John Alex
Favorite Buffalo athlete from childhood? Eric Moulds and Danny Briere Jim Kelly and Alexander Mogilny
Favorite thing about living in Buffalo? The food. Pizza anywhere else doesn't compare. Also, the four seasons we have each month. Nothing better than a crisp Fall day in May. That perfect time between June-September when the weather is the best in the country.
Favorite place to grab a drink in Buffalo? Ballyhoo. A Jam Session topped off with mac and cheese, a TJ Dog and an ice cream sandwich for a well balanced diet.  Tailgating for a Bills game (though it will always be The Ralph.)