How To Build A Buffalo2U Box

1. To build a Buffalo2U Box, click on the "Build A Box" at the top of the website.

2. Choose either our 3, 5, or 7 item gift box.

3. View all of our unique Buffalo items, sourced from local artisans, shops and restaurants.

4. Add your desired items to your gift box by selecting the "+" sign next to the product images. Certain items may require you to select the "View" button to select a size, style, flavor or other option. 

5. Most of our products are included in the box price, items that have an up-charge will be labeled as premium.This allows us to offer a wide variety of unique Buffalo items.

6. While choosing your items, if you’d like to replace a product, simply click the “X” next to that item under the Buffalo2U Box Contents section. This section is found at the bottom of the page on your phone, or to the right on your computer.  Once you’ve completed your order, just checkout and we’ll send it with love from Buffalo2U.